11 things I learned in New England

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  1. There are not enough Dunkin' Donuts in New England. Wait, I mistyped that. There are more Dunkin' Donuts than people in New England.
  2. Almost every single New Englander I met was outgoing, friendly, confident, and chatty. Even the surly ones were hugely entertaining. e.g. When I enquired as to how a supermarket worker's day was going, she replied "It's Saturday, I'm stuck inside, it's busy as pretty lousy. But the Sox clinched last night so I can't complain. That'll be 23 bucks, hun."
  3. A lot of people still smoke there. California and London have skewed my sense of "normal" on this one.
  4. It's one of the most beautiful parts of America I've ever seen. Water everywhere, tree-lined boulevards, quaint towns, pristine beaches.
  5. Hot sauce is quite hard to come by. My brother's explanation is that while west coast food has heavy latin american influence, east coast food is mainly influenced by European cuisine and therefore not as hot-sauceable. (It is so a word, shut up.)
  6. You haven't had clam chowder until you've had it in New England.
  7. Boston Logan International takes the crown for the worst airport in the developed world. Try parking there, I dare you.
  8. Tom Brady is 16ft tall and once threw over 400 touchdown passes in a single season.
  9. Clam bakes are delicious, entertaining, and scaleable. Everything good food should be.
  10. I could listen to a Boston accent forever.
  11. "Wicked pisser" means really great. And a "shit buddy" is a great friend. Not a shit friend. Counter-intuitive, I know.