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How I fell in love with Pact Coffee's Service (and got a new case study in customer loyalty)

I do a lot of public speaking and a topic I frequently speak about is loyalty. One of the most effective ways to create enduring loyalty is bridge the gap between online and offline. I want to share with you the best example of this principle that I've ever experienced.

Last weekend I was flicking through Twitter and I came across this sponsored tweet in my feed.

Now we use Pact at Rushmore and their service and their coffee are both very good. Subscription coffee delivered to your door. But I bristle at that word "proper". It's an awful word. A lazy word. An elitist word that implies you're better than everyone. I immediately fired off a reply:

At the very least, my own "get off my lawn" itch was scratched and I put my phone away. But moments later, it dinged and there was a reply. From a company. On a Saturday. Within minutes of the initial contact.

I get what they mean about trying to find the right word but I think companies have every right to be confident and assertive in their product descriptions IF they genuinely feel their products live up to the labels. Confidence in a brand, just like confidence in a person, is attractive.

They graciously and promptly replied almost immediately.

I could end this story here and it would be a great example of a online customer service. But what happened next took it to a whole new level.

Today, as we were all sitting in the office, a delivery arrived. I opened up the recycled Amazon box and found 3 big bags of Pact's fantastic coffee. No way. No freakin' way. Did they...they couldn't have...could they?

20131218-163306.jpg Underneath the bags of coffee was a card... 20131218-163314.jpg

*slow clap* They did. They took the time to figure out who I was, where I worked, what our address was, package up the coffee and write out a note. Not only that, the message in the card was so perfect in its tone and context that I immediately got in touch with the company to express my appreciation and admiration.

Learn from Pact. It doesn't get much better than this.