Engine Fire! Abort, Retry or Fail?

Tell me this isn't a bad idea. If you look in the left hand side of the pic below you can see a 7" monitor that has been jerry (or jury, they're both correct) rigged into the flight deck of this pristine 777-300ER. The ER is the latest and greatest 777, having only completed testing in February. Now why in the hell would you uncermoniously strap two monitors into the flight deck, running Windows 2000, no less! I love how the cables are taped and zip tied into place.Now this is a Boeing prototype, not an aircraft owned by an airline so there must have been a good reason for it...but what? Monitoring aspects of the aircrafts performance can all be done much faster and more efficiently by the 777's EFIS computers. I was curious as hell so I did some rooting around and found this excerpt from a Boeing press release "(test pilots) Santoni and Cashman tested some of the airplane's systems and structures, as on-board equipment recorded and transmitted data to a flight-test team at Boeing Field. That data, and the crew's comments, will be analyzed in the near future." So maybe they were using the windows boxes to send data back to the ground. But Windows? The last picture shows the back of the 777 loaded with test equipment....look at it all! I really don't think they need a couple of Windows boxes to "get the job done." I'm still looking into it. Your thoughts? Click on pics to get larger version