Added another little mod to my car the other night. So the VW's have a nice feature (I'm sure you've seen it in the commercial) where you can unlock the car and hold the key down and it will lower all the windows (or vice versa if you're locking the car.) A pretty neat feature. But what happens if you want to use the remote to operate the windows?Cue the Alientech window controller. This little device, when carefully integrated into the stock electronics, lets you open and close the windows and sunroof via the keyless entry remote. So I can be walking away from the car with all the windows down and the sunroof open, click the remote and the windows will go up. It's the same if I'm walking towards the car and I click the remote, the windows will open to let that first waft of 1000 degree air escape. I can even program it to vent the windows when I lock the car. Very handy. It was pretty easy to install too. Just popped off the door panel, t-tapped the existing window controls and voila! Incidentally, when I was taking off the door panel, I found a diamond earring....which was nice.