Sunburn Country

Ow..ow...OWWW. That is the sound of trying to put shoes on when you have sunburned feet. Usually I'm really good about putting on the ol' sunblock. I normally completely douse myself in SPF 400,000 but yesterday at Turlock Lake, I only doused the obvious areas, like face, back and neck. Now I have red knees and red feet. Pain. But it was worth it. We had a good day out on the boat with my in-laws. Will managed to get up on the skis for the first time and Deanne and Don gave a great demonstration on how it should be done. Me? Well I thrashed around on the tube and took about 100 photos. I gave skiing a whirl but failed to get up this time around. I think it was my shorts which, when I began accelerating, inflated to form a highly effective drag chute, increasing my drag coefficient by several thousand times. Anyway, I put all the photos up in the gallery. There's alot of them (almost 100) as well as a video of Will wiping out on the tube.