The whole (vending machine) world sucks

A conversation that took place between myself and our nearest vending machine (some creative license taken......obviously):Me (to myself): Let's see here, a nice frosty Diet Coke will help me through this mind numbing afternoon. Vending Machine: Hehe sucka. Me: What? Vending Machine: Nothing. Me: Huh...oh well. Ok let's see here (shuffles in pocket) hey a pocket full of silvers, alright! I put sixty cents into the vending machine and press the Diet Coke button Vending Machine: (grind grind click) That'll be sixty cents please. Me: But I put it sixty cents. Vending Machine: No you didn't. Me: Yes I did. Vending Machine: No, seriously you didn't. See, look... (grind kachunk) A old nasty penny falls into the change slot Vending Machine: You put a penny in, not a dime. Me: Dude, I didn't even have a penny in my pocket, let alone one that looked like that! Vending Machine: Yes you did. Me: No I didn't! (slap) Vending Machine: Hey! Me: Give me my goddamn soda! Vending Machine: No Me: Why the hell not!? Vending Machine: hit me... (pause) Vending Machine:...and you didn't give me enough money. Me: Oh that's it (KICK!) Vending Machine: HEY! Y'know what? Fine. You've ruined it for everyone. Me: What? Vending Machine: Me: (Walking Away) You bastard. Vending Machine: sucka.