So I should have written about this a while ago but I've been swamped.I now host two new blogs on my site! I've been trying to convince Deanne that she should have a blog but she always said that she wouldn't have time to work on it. But a couple of weeks ago we bought her a laptop, so things have changed. So her blog is now up and running and she seems to be enjoying having a forum to express her odd but entertaining thoughts. Then Tricia (aka "Deanne's sexy friend from L.A." as my brother calls her) was having problems with her blog and asked me what software I used. At that point I figured it would be easier having hers on my server too, having figured out how easy it was to create multiple blogs using MoveableType. I spent a while teaching both of them how to change the templates and styles to their liking but they have really picked it up quickly. That's the great thing about MoveableType, it's easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for someone who wants to really customize it. So check out their respective efforts: Deanne: Tricia: