camcorder.jpg My last tool for the trip arrived the other day...well I use the word "arrive" in the loosest possible way. Anyway, I ordered a Panasonic camcorder a while back and waited anxiously for it to arrive from New Jersey. A little tip, though they may have good prices (I got my camcorder for $200 off MSRP) JustSayElectronics aren't very good. Their customer service was lousy, they couldn't figure out how to process a credit card and their interaction with UPS (who I might add, are my new favorite company) was shameful. Not a positive buying experience.Anyway the camcorder was due to arrive on Monday but I missed the UPS guy despite Andrew's best efforts to chase him in the CRV. Now usually UPS leaves the package on the doorstep which is cool because I don't have to be home and I don't have to leave a note. But my package required a signature which the vendor is supposed to tell me....but they didn' I didn't leave a note for UPS. Anyway, after talking to UPS, they said I could go pick up my package or wait til the next day and they'll redeliver. I opted to go pick it up. So Andrew and I drove to Stockton (wow) and picked it up. I was fully expecting to open the box and find a bunch of rocks. But to my pleasant surprise, there lay a new camcorder...and it worked! So now I should be able to preserve some of the memories that a camera might not be able to do justice. I only wish I had it in time for Fleet Week :)