Day 1

Well we're here! We've been here for about a day now and boy has it been non-stop ever since. Deanne has already posted a very detailed account of our adventures so far so I won't go into details of exactly what we've done since we've been here.I have to say it's weird being in Hong Kong again. Sometimes I feel like I'd never left, other times I really feel like a tourist. A lot has changed, somethings for the bad, but mostly for the good. Prices are still good, the people are still great, and the overall atmosphere is fantastic. I was so excited just to be back and able to share with Deanne all the great places that I was able to see during the 10 years (on and off) that I lived here. Unfortunately, I've had a bastard of a cold ever since we've been here which is making me feel pretty rundown most of the time. I ache and we've been doing a lot of walking which is tiring but I think adrenaline is counteracting some of the discomfort. Well I'm off to seek some herbal remedies, I'll post more later. I've posted the first round of photos at