Michael Palin, eat your heart out

It's official - I received our e-ticket receipt today for our plane tickets. It's quite a journey, let me tell ya!We leave SFO very late on Thursday 10/23 and fly to Hong Kong on Cathay. We arrive on Saturday 10/25 (damn International Dateline) at about 6:30am. Then we're in HKG for essentially 5 days; it's only three nights but like I said, we arrive really early in the morning and our flight to South Africa leaves at 11:45pm so that really gives us two full days extra. The flight to HKG is about 14 hours, depending on the season. I'm hoping it's not that long. I've done flights that have lasted 14 hours and they suck. Even if you sleep for 8 hours (which no one ever does) you still have 6 hours to go. But hey, at least we get good movies! Hollywood Homicide, Terminator 3, Possession, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Quiet American, plus whatever I have on the laptop. Hong Kong to Johannesburg is a flight I've never done before. The only flight I've done in that direction was Hong Kong to Colombo, Sri Lanka but that was via Bangkok. HKG to JNB is about 12 hours, a duration of flight I'm very used to; that's what we did about 8 times a year between Hong Kong and London when were at school. So I guess that shouldn't be too bad. On that leg we have some pretty good movies too; The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Charlie