The Eagle has landed

Back home. Actually been back since Thursday evening but we had to dive right into some events on our arrival and now I'm back at the office I have some time to post finally.Well, 5 flights, 54 hours of flying covering a total of 22,000 miles. Yes, it's tiring. Our longest flight was 14hrs 19mins from San Francisco to Hong Kong (which btw was only 11hrs 8mins on the way back because of the 140 knot jetstream we were in.) Our shortest flight was 1hr 35mins from Cape Town to Johannesburg. We saw some amazing sites, met some amazing people, ate some amazing food and forged some amazing memories. Though after three weeks away, it was rather nice to touch down at SFO the other day. We received some difficult news while we were in South Africa and in a way, we were a little anxious to return home to family and friends. It was wonderful to see my parents. I hadn't seen my mom since our wedding so it was almost a year to the day that we saw her again. I have been trying to upload all the photos (I took nearly 700) and get them organized, discarding all the crappy ones. I only have a few left to do including the game drive ones which are arguably the most interesting. I also have over three hours of video to edit into something a little more watchable than it currently is. The photos are separated into albums so take a peek around in there, let me know what you think! Deanne is working on finishing off her journal of the trip today and over the rest of the week. So, it's back to ordinary life after three weeks of extraordinary life. Oh yeah, and I can't hear out of my left ear.