Hands off!

Update: Earthquakes GM Johnny Moore just resigned. F*CK!!!Update 2: Manny Lagos traded to Columbus for Draft Picks "Mexican soccer giant Club America could take over the Earthquakes before the start of the upcoming season, according to Club America President Javier Perez Teuffer and Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber." Oh you've got to be kidding me. Yes, this was reported in the San Jose Mercury News this morning...and it has fans like me, foaming at the mouth. We have a good investor/operator in AEG, why change things. But wait, it gets worse, look at what the potential changes might be: - Teuffer said that Mexican players would be brought to the San Jose squad. We already have a good team...a CHAMPIONSHIP team. Look, I know how international soccer works, you bring in better players to make the franchise better. But don't bring in Mexican players just for the sake of bringing in Mexican players, that doesn't make sense. - Teuffer also said the Earthquakes' name would be changed to ``America.'' Ack. Double Ack. There is no currently-used name in American professional soccer that has a longer history than "San Jose Earthquakes", and they want to dump it? - ``In the long term, we will not be able to stay in a city without a viable stadium situation,'' Garber said The only way a team is going to build up any type of loyalty is by staying in the same town with the same name and catering to the same fans. Granted, the stadium issue is problematic but AEG already talked about that when acquired the club. Several loyal fans have already cancelled their season tickets in protest (something I NEVER thought I would see) and the debate is raging over at BigSoccer. Sadly, as soon as someone protests this news, they're branded as a racist and a xenophobe, neither of which are true. We're fans of the San Jose Earthquakes, the development ground for some outstanding American players. If this happens, it's a giant step backwards for U.S. Soccer and the MLS. Update: Earthquakes GM Johnny Moore just resigned. F*CK!!!