The fine art of focussing

jal.jpgA couple of weeks ago during a spell of nice weather here in the Bay Area I wanted to head out to San Francisco airport to take some photos. Well one thing lead to another and I ended up not having time. So when I had to take Deanne to work yesterday I decided that since it was such a nice day, I would carry on over the San Mateo bridge and head out to SFO. I took about 70 shots out there, only a handful of which are any good. I really need to take some digital photography lessons! There were a bunch of folks out there taking shots with amazing digital SLR cameras. There were all saying it's almost impossible to take bad photos with them. I'm happy with my camera, I think it's mainly "operator error" that causes most of my lousy photos. The one thing that really spoiled a bunch of photos was the heat coming off the engines and off the tarmac. Not sure how one avoids that. Anyway, take a look in the gallery and let me know what you think.