They said it couldn't be done

Dscn1196.jpgI have reached hitherto unreached levels of dorkdom. Last night, at around 11:30pm, I was tinkering (I've always wanted to use that word) in my office. I had a 10.4" LCD monitor left over from the x-dash and a broken desk lamp. I had "you know what would be cool..." moment and decided to combine the two in a sor of 1980's sci-fi movie set kind of way. The monitor doesn't have a bezel - it never did, we didn't need it for the x-dash so it's current uses are somewhat limited as it doesn't stand upright without considerable propping up. The lamp was jerry rigged as it was, having failed to retain all of its pieces during our move from Livermore two years ago. I lost the clamp which attaches it to the desk so I drilled a hole in my desk and simply anchored the lamp thusly. It worked up until recently when the switch completely died. You couldn't turn it on at all. So I took off the shade and the bulb housing and the socket, and removed the power wire. Then I attached the monitor to the arm of the lamp using a small nut and bolt (yes, singular.) The weight of the monitor kept dragging the whole apparatus down so I ziptied the two upper arms together, preventing them from drooping. Behold the result! A completely useless, semi-articulating monitor stand! This is of course a temporary solution as for what to with the monitor but it means I can make use of it for the time being. HA! Take that Will Wheaton! P.S. I just noticed...yes, Mike that is your blog on my laptop screen :) threemons.jpg