Bedroom Action

bedroom.gif After three years, three moves and untold abuse, our bedroom set has finally earned it's retirement. When we moved to our first apartment in San Ramon over three and a half years ago we had nothing. No bed, no couch, no TV, nothing. So where does one go when one needs to furnish an apartment? IKEA, of course. As much as I loathe the place, IKEA is great for cheap furniture and we just happened to need an abundance of the stuff. So we got our bedroom set and it lasted from our move to Livermore and our move to Tracy but only just.The dresser finally crapped out earlier this year. That was when we began entertaining the idea of replacing it. Anyway, here we are in March and we FINALLY got around to doing it. No IKEA this time, I put my foot down :-D We went back to a store in Livermore that had previously sold us our couches, kitchen table, and china cabinet. Eventually we settled on a 5 piece, dark wood bed set and entertainment center. It makes our room look tiny! Deanne also picked up a ceiling fan which we battled with during the installation. After the requisite amount of profanity, we successfully installed the damn thing and had the bedroom set up. Since our last bed didn't have a boxspring, we had to order one and as a result, we didn't get to enjoy our new bedroom for another three days. But all's well that ends well. Now all we have to do is move the weight bench and eliptical trainer out of the room because it's starting to get a little tight in there. I put a high(er) res photo of the room here - the edges are blurry due to the wide angle lens I used to take the shot.