You like me, you really like me!

I have finally been accepted. After several attempts, I now have photos on Now to the untrained eye, that might not look like much of an accomplishment, but let me tell you, it is no easy feat to get past the incredibly picky screeners that has employed to separate the wheat from the chaff, if you will. They reject 70% of the photos they receive and the ones they do accept are either taken by a professional photographer (or a rich amateur) with a really good camera, or the subject matter is very unique and "once in a lifetime."I uploaded some photos in the past only to be flatly rejected because my incredibly sharp photo was "blurry" or my bright and colorful image was "too dark." But this time...I knew I had them beaten. I had a rather good shot of Livermore Airport....from the front seat of a biplane. I knew that one was material so I uploaded it. I also played around with some photos I'd taken while we were in Phoenix. One or two of them were rather good so I ran them through some software I got with my printer to correct the contrast and brightness, and then submitted them. Two weeks later I get an email saying they have accepted two of my photos and rejected three of them. The two ones they accepted are below: Of the one's they rejected, I was most pissed off about this one:

They rejected it because that tiiiiiiiny part of the tail was missing from the photo.........I appealed that one. Anyway you can find any photos I ever have accepted at Airliners by clicking on this link: