It begins

Here were are, October 1st and my new diet and exercise regimen begins. I've taken a lot of time to prepare this one, as the only success I've had with other plans is when I've taken the time to plan things out in detail. It prevents any ambiguity that I might be able to take advantage of.I've had limited success with diets, I will admit. It's not so much the dieting that I find hard, I just can't seem to sustain it for more than a few months without getting really fed up. The last major diet I went on was pretty successful. I dropped 15lbs in 2 months and was working out everyday. I felt pretty good by the end of it. But life got in the way and I wasn't able to sustain the pace and sure enough, I put all the weight back on again. But that proved to myself that I could do it and get results. I actually enjoyed working out, especially lifting weights, as I could really see changes happening. I've taken the plan I used then and modified it based on the lessons I learned last time. A quick breakdown: My current weight - 221lbs Goal weight: 200lbs (I'm realistic) Current daily calorie intake - 2500+ Target daily calorie intake - 1500 My Basal Metabolic Rate is 2081. This means that I burn 2081 calories a day sitting still. To lose weight, I must eat less calories then my Basal Metabolic Rate. Hence my target calorie intake of 1500. Coupled with the dieting, is an exercise plan. For me, this part is much less painful than the dieting. I love my food. I really enjoyed lifting weights, and the cardio isn't so bad either. I'm starting with 30 minutes a day, increasing by 5 minutes each week until I reach 45 minutes a day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Cardio (Walking/Jogging) - 30 Minutes Weights - 30 Minutes Cardio (Eliptical) - 30 Minutes Weights - 30 Minutes Weights - 30 Minutes Cardio (Eliptical) - 30 Minutes Weights - 30 Minutes

I'm putting all this info on here because I think it will give me some accountability. Each Friday, I'll weigh myself and post the weight on my blog, regardless if the number goes up or down. It will give me some motivation because I know you bastards will hound me if I don't lose the weight or if I fail to post an update! So wish me luck, hopefully this lifestyle change will get me back on track.