Who knew Spring Cleaning would be so rewarding?

mikef4.jpgIt would appear that spring cleaning has benefits other than filling the garage with even more useless crap. While Deanne was at work this weekend, I was tasked with cleaning out the office closet, which has gathered random bits of electronic equipment ever since we moved into the house in 2002. After a few hours of or zip-tying cables, sorting random PC peripherals, and cleaning up cat piss, I was beginning to feel quite pleased with my progress. I deserved a break. I decided to go through the stack of CDs that I had uncovered in one of the darkest corners of the closet. Using my PC and laptop I began examining the contents of each CD. Most of it was useless crap; random drivers, audio CDs, and coasters. But then I stumbled across the mother lode. The missing photos from the legendary 2000 road trip that Mike, Deanne, Quinn and I took. I had been looking for these photos for four years. I had initially thought they had been destroyed when my hard drive failed back in 2001. But no, here they were on a CD-R. But alas, my joy was short lived as I tried to access the files. They had been corrupted. So close, yet so far. But I was determined not to be beaten. I scoured the internet for data recovery tools, and three hours later I was browsing through the 210 photos from our roadtrip. Take that, data corruption! Also on the CD were photos from our time in San Ramon, a trip to Monterey Deanne and I had taken, more photos from my College football days, and some photos I had taken at SFO. Quite a trip down memory lane. I immediately uploaded most of them to my website, so I wouldn't lose them again. The gallery now has over 2700 photos and I haven't even uploaded some photos I found from my buddy Jack's birthday party back in Canterbury. I'm also looking for the best solution to digitize a bunch of hard copy photos I have. If anyone has any solutions for scanning about 300 photos quickly and cheaply, let me know. So anyway, enjoy the photos, a quick glimpse into my past! P.s. The two photos at the top of the post are (l) Mike at Mojave in 2000 and (r) Mike at Mojave in 2005.