12 Things I learned on vacation

Since Deanne is doing a day by day account of our recent trip, I thought I'd keep my commentaries a little more soundbite-ish. So, without further ado, I present:12 Things I Learned on Vacation - by Alex Hunter 1. In both Spain and Morocco, traffic lights are merely a suggestion to stop, not a rule. 2. The Lonely Planet books, while a valuable resource, should not be taken as gospel. 3. The literal translation for "You're welcome" in Spanish (at least when said to Americans) is "whatever, douchebag". 4. Just because you buy a ticket on one ferry line doesn't mean you'll be travelling on that ferry line. 5. When God was handing out beautiful women to the European countries, Spain was first in line. 6. When God was handing out attitude problems to European countries, Spain was first in line. 7. No matter how far you travel, you'll always meet people from Pleasanton. 8. Unlike larger airplanes, the emergency exit row is NOT recommended on an A320. (Despite what the check-in agent says. Asshole.) 9. There really are sterotypical retired Jewish ladies from New York who go to Florida every year on their vacation.......I met one. 10. The only thing more amusing than a group of retired travelling Americans is a group of retired travelling Canadians. 11. Al-Jazeera isn't nearly as exciting as the American media makes it out to be. 12. Seeing "Full House" dubbed in German is a genuinely disturbing experience. "Joey, h