Stunning Regularity

Wow, so it looks like my posting schedule has been reduced to once a month. Am I really that busy? Yes.........Yes, I am. Anyway, here are a some tidbits that I've been keeping in a safe place until I had time to post them:Paintball: paintball.jpgI've posted the photos from our latest paintballing trip. Andrew had insisted that we go paintballing while he was out here and I hadn't been for a while, so we gathered the troops and went out to the Sunol Paintball Field. Deanne, Andrew, Mike, Stephanie spent the day shooting each other with various colored paint. Stephanie was gung-ho from the moment we first walked onto the range and I don't think she missed an entire game. Andrew took out months of pent up agression on his jeans by rolling around in the dirt and going on several suicide runs up the middle of the battlefield. Deanne took a beating like I have never seen but remained upbeat the whole time...I had a feeling she'd be good at paintball. Mike tried out his new marker, as did I, and we regarded as the "experts" even though we'd only played a handful of times; suffice to say we still had our asses handed to us by a bunch of 12 year old kids who were armed to the teeth. Anyway, a great day had by all and paintball demonstrations continued throughout the weekend with target practice at Mike and Mindy's Memorial Day barbecue. Brilliant. Further Random Reading: After a lengthy absence I have started posting new content to the "Further Random Reading" section of my site. Located in the right column, under the random gallery image, this is a bunch of links to stories that I think other people might find interesting. Most of them are tech related but occassionally a random nugget of hilarity will slip through. One of the good things about getting to work so early is that I have a bit of time to read the news, check my RSS feeds, etc, and scour the internets for interesting news. I shall continue to deposit them here. Music: shawn.jpgLast week a CD was thrust into my hand with a "You lived in Hong Kong, you'll probably like this." It was a Taiwanese rap CD. In Mandarin. I was skeptical at first but then I listened. The sound quality was crap but the music was excllent. I asked about the terrible audio quality and I was told the background behind the CD. Apparently this kid, who spent several years of his life in LA, wrote and recorded the album in his bedroom, unbeknownst to anyone in his family. Sadly, he died of cancer about three years ago. He was only 23. While they were going through his things after he died, his brother found his demo CD. He sent it back to Taiwan and had it produced and turned into a proper album. The album became a huge success and is winning awards all over Asia. I'm enjoying it immensely and I can't even understand it. It reminds me of early Tupac - post Digital Underground. Here's a link to a flash version of one of his videos.
Oh but you look so much older: For those of you who keep asking......yes, I'm REALLY 25.