10 things I learned on vacation

1. Cadbury's is, and will forever remain, the best chocolate in the world.2. Although temperature-wise, my grandmother's house is freezing, it remains the warmest place I'll ever know. 3. You've never felt cold until you walk for 5 minutes in London and can't feel your face. 4. You can make a very effective crack pipe out of one of those mini bottles of liquor. And to think I never would have learned that had I not glanced into a phone booth in one of the less desirable areas of London. 5. There is only one shop in the entire United Kingdom that sells dental floss. 6. Traffic roundabouts were designed purely to confound and confuse people like me. 7. England (and most of Europe) is so far ahead of the US in cellphone technology it's embarassing. 8. Writing "See ID" on the signature panel of your credit card will frighten and confuse your average British shopkeep. 9. I really miss Match of the Day 10. American tourists are embarassing to be associated with. "What was the name of that palace we saw today...Buckin' somethin'?"