home despot

53289157.jpgI would like to make a declaration. Let this be recorded in the annals of history, and in the chronicles of mankind.I....F**KING...HATE....HOME IMPROVEMENT. It is not fun. It is not rewarding. It is not wonderful to feel a hammer on a nail, or a saw on a piece of wood. It is not entertaining to bleed profusely after you impail yourself with the 5/16" bit on your drill after not realizing you have it in reverse and trying to drill a hole in the wall. And I know exactly where this loathing comes from. I not only hate home improvement: I'm also really, really bad at it. I mean I really suck. And most people don't enjoy things at which they suck. There aren't many people who cover the ceiling in bloody handprints when they install a ceiling fan, or use 8 screws to hang a picture to a wall. The Good Lord was kind enough to bless me with many skills I can use on a day to day basis...but when when it comes to home improvement, He decided to make me slightly retarded. Suffice to say, the last few weeks have been a maelstrom of blood, sweat, drywall, and profanity, the likes of which ye have never seen. Nevertheless, we have perservered and, incredibly, built an entire kitchen. With my father-in-law's guidance and my wife's tenacity and practicality, we have sallied forth. I know there have been a couple of times where they have both watched me attempt some minor task and thought to themselves "Wait, no, he probably shouldn't use that to..oh OH...ok that's going to need stitches." But there have been some positives out of this. I've learned some new skills, like replacing drywall, installing a bathtub (Tip: when installing a bathtub, it helps to swear at it throughout the entire process), plumbing, and how to apply a torniquet to a minor flesh wound. Although it has been, and will continue to be, a "personal growth" experience for me, next time, we're hiring someone to do it. Because I think I've said "Just need to...push...a...little...harder..........crap, we're gonna need a new one of those," enough times to have paid for several contractors.