Look what I got !!!

Disclaimer: Since I KNOW my mother will make a comment - Mom, this is not a flattering photo of me - my shirt is bulging out. I'm actually, much much thinner. In fact, I'm the lightest I've been in five years. I'll post pictures when I reach my goal weight. Void where prohibited. Not all applicants will qualify. Professional driver on closed course, do not attempt. alexcar.jpg I FINALLY got my car back. Almost three months to the day since the it was ripped my from my bosom. Hooray!! Well, kinda. There's a whole host of problems. And it's gonna need to go back to the shop for quite a long time. The worst of the problems is that the a/c just plain doesn't work. It's 97 degrees here. Plus there's a bunch of cosmetic problems and some other issues that just aren't acceptable. Oh and the horn now sounds like someone is strangling a goose. So I get it for the weekend and then it's back to the shop for more work. I was destined to never have this car. *sigh* alexcar2.jpg