Keep on keepin' on

Preparations for for the move continue. We're going to be renting the house out, at least for the short term, so we've been doing a lot of work get it ready. We've had an army of almost exclusively female contractors, painters etc coming and going for the last couple of weeks. We're having the outside of the house painted a "Long Beach" brown - so called because we saw so many nice houses in Long Beach painted that color. It looks great, especially with the cream trim and white windows.SMALL200001.jpg Deanne's Dad has also been wonderful in helping us redo the front bathroom. We stripped it out completely except for the tub and replaced the subfloor and all that good stuff. SMALL200002.jpg We've also emptied all the rooms of furniture and we're patching up the holes, touching up the paint etc. SMALL200003.jpg SMALL200004.jpg SMALL200005.jpg