and then there was one... and some kittehs

Alex departed probably just a few minutes ago. I dropped him off at the airport about 2 hours ago :/I was sad that we didn't get to depart together as we had planned but that is life. Everyone was sad to see him go and so was I. I will see him in 2 weeks and all should be back to abnormal again :) The kitties may finally have a home in sunny Santa Barbara to a petless good soul who has been wanting some kitties. It will be temporary until the end of May and then their kitty passport process will be complete! Hurray :) I am keeping them as long as I can so at least I have something familiar to cuddle with at night but they will make the journey down south early in the new year hopefully. I will keep on keepin on with the house because I am inches away from being done. I have to meet with the property management company next week and that should be that. A few more administrative things, sell the car, sell the matress, a dump run and a shopping spree and I should be able to duck out of here quickly. I am sick of fixing and working and stressing! I just want it to be over... So sorry if I have been a drag lately, only talk about remodeling and seem spacey and uninterested. i am at the point of forgetting family member names and washing my hair in tooth paste so yeah I am a bit out of it. Anyway..... almost there.... can see the light..... love you all :)