Olde London Town

So I've been here for a month now, Deanne is finishing her third week. What have we been up to? What's life like here?Well life in London is good so far. We've been very, very busy with the boring day to day stuff, as well as the fun stuff. I've done three weeks at my new job at Virgin Management (aka the mothership) and I'm really enjoying it. We just moved from our serviced apartment in Bayswater to a hotel on Gloucester Road. We'll be here for a total of 16 nights until we move into our house in Fulham. I'm excited to move in and get settled - I think it will feel like we really live here once we're in a proper, permanent house. A few more observations about life in London: - traveling by Tube on the weekend is a lot like driving on the weekend. Slow and frustrating. They do the majority of repair work on the weekends and will often shut down entire lines. At one point early this month it was physically impossible to get to Victoria station by Tube. THREE lines go through Victoria Station. - traveling by Tube at rush hour is a lot like the Bay Area during rush hour. Slow, crowded, dark, smelly, evil. But, I actually quite like the Tube - it's cheap and relatively quick. At least I don't have to drive. - the British are a very outdoorsy people, they like doing things outdoors where everyone can see them. Like drinking, shouting, and puking. I've seen more puke in the last month than I've seen...ever. - In the 1980s when the IRA had a penchant for using trash cans as convenient holders for their bombs, most public trash cans were either removed or relocated to low traffic areas. As a result, Londoners got used to leaving their empty beer can or candy bar wrapper pretty much wherever they wanted. That's right London, you've got a serious litter problem. - The massive influx of Eastern Europeans into England has revolutionized customer service. England is not known for its customer service but the last few years has seen a dramatic improvement, especially in restaurants. - I'd forgotten how much I enjoy living in a city. You can walk out your front door and be in the thick of things almost immediately. You don't notice shitty weather or darkness as much because there's constant activity.