My year in cities 2009

Inspired by my buddy Josh Spear I decided to compile a list of cities I went to in 2009. From what I understand, Jason Kottke popularized this trend and the general rules are that one has to have spent at least a night in each place. Fair enough. My travel 2009 wasn't as epic as 2008 but I still count myself very lucky that I'm able to travel so much. 2010 is looking even crazier. I've tried to group trips together with footnotes, which in turn have airport codes/routes for the travel geeks among you. I've also added (approximate) number of times I went to each city.

London, England (∞) ¹ ² ³

New York, New York ¹ ² ³ (x3)

Miami, Florida ²

Boston, Massachusetts ²

Paris, France (x3)

Newcastle, England (x6)

San Francisco, California (x2) ³

Livermore, California (x2)

Las Vegas, Nevada (x2) ³

Los Angeles, California ³

San Diego, California ³

Long Beach, California ³

Sebastapol, California ³

Southport, North Carolina ³

Sunderland, England

Taunton, England

Birmingham, England (x2)




* transfer