My year in cities 2011

I'm able to write this post a little earlier than usual as my trip to Istanbul was my last trip of 2011. This is the fourth year I've done this summary but I used a new tool to come up with the miles. In the past I've used the awesome Great Circle Mapper but this year I stumbled across OpenFlights which is a bit more weapon's grade. It spits out neat analysis of all the flights you enter, some of which I've listed below. So for 2011 I did 29 flights covering 80,732 miles, down substantially from last year's 103, 828 miles on 36 flights. But still a heck of a lot of travel. I made a conscious effort to travel less this year so I could spend more time with my wife and son and it seems to have worked.

Don't get me wrong though, I still did some of my trademark "silly" trips like flying from San Francisco back to London for 40 hours so I could speak at a conference. I need to knock that off, it's not healthy.

As always, below is the list of cities I was lucky enough to visit in 2011, along with some neat stats that OpenFlights spit out.

- Istanbul - Shanghai - Muscat (Twice) - Kuala Lumpur (Twice) - Uzes (Twice) - Strømstad - LA - San Francisco (Twice) - Las Vegas - Hong Kong - Amsterdam - London

Average Distance: 2784mi Average Time:  6h03m Longest: LHR↔HKG, 5980 mi, 12h27m Shortest:  LGW↔AMS, 226 mi, 00:57


Oman Air - 8 flights Virgin Atlantic Airways - 8 flights easyJet - 6 flights Virgin America - 3 flights Ryanair - 2 flights British Airways - 2 flights