First of Many

The first of what I think will be many minor tweaks and mods to the car. I added XM radio the other day. I originally had it in the CRV and I loved it so when we got the Passat that was the first thing I wanted to get done.Ken took care of the install and did a great job. The antenna is just behind the FM/AM antenna and the contoller sits at the top of the center console. Check out the picture below. The next thing I want to add to the car (though I don't think it will happen for a while) is this: It's a double din monitor with a fold down face that has a DVD slot behind it. Ingenious. I hate the flip out monitors, I think they look tacky. This has the look of a aircraft panel with all the buttons on the side (in fact, the manufacturer started out making TFT panels for aircraft.) It has a nav input which will be nice, once you've had a nav systems, it's hard to go back to getting hopelessly lost (go figure.) So anyway, that's a future project.