Fast and Furiouserestness

OK I officially love my car. I knew it was fast off the line because of the turbo charger, and I knew it handled well because of the ASR but yesterday I actually put it to the test.We were on our way to the video store and there were three people in the car including myself and the air conditioning was on. We stopped at a traffic light to turn left onto a main road that takes you into town. For some reason I had the urge to just....just floor it when the green light came I did. The car leapt forward and I yanked the wheel to the left and the car cornered like it was on rails. The ASR kicked in just as the wheels began to give of a satisfying squeal. David and Deanne were wedged against the side of the car and I...well I was just grinning. When we "levelled" off and I returned the car to appropriate speed I hear a disapproving "Alex!" from the back of the car and all I could say was "Hehe.....I didn't think it would do that....hehehe....especially with three people in the car and the air conditioning on...hehehe....that was cool." Man that was fun :)