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Blatantly ripped from BigSoccer.comReuters "In a blockbuster transfer, Real Madrid sign LA Galaxy midfielder Cobi Jones from MLS for $200 in gift certificates to Golden Corral and four cases of Coors Light. Newly acquired Real midfielder and England skipper, David Beckham commented on the signing "It's going to be great to watch Cobi come out and buzz around like a chicken with his head cut off until Marquez or some other player gets so incensed that they chop him down. We'll be a man up in ever game with Barca by halftime." Cobi has been given the number "4" for his jersey which he said had some special meaning for him as it was his erect penis size. Sales of real merchandise bearing Cobi's name have been moving like mad in LA where 6 jerseys we purchased this morning, Doubling the number sold there last season. When reached for comment, MLS Commissioner Don Garber commented "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"."