Why the internet isn't cool anymore

So this image got me thinking (and discussing with Mike) about how the internet just isn't cool anymore. The days of "internetting" til 3am are long gone, at least for me anyway. I remember when I was in college, I would be up til the wee hours "exploring" the internet. There was so much to see and do and discover. There was always somewhere you hadn't been before, someone you hadn't talked to, some thought you hadn't considered before. But now there's nothing fun out there anymore, nothing out there that hasn't already been done.Mike summed it up nicely "I was thinking, "I"m bored and Mindy's at work, I'll browse the Internet for a while" And then I though, "Damn, I've already gone through my email, slashdot, cnn, and somethingpositive. What else.... ?" " That's very true. Everyone has a collection of sites they visit regularly and beyond that, it's the occasional chance discovery or referral that leads you to something new or exciting. I used to be able to stay up til all hours just clicking away. Now I just can't do that. For a number of reasons: - there's no reason to; it's rare I find something compelling enough to keep me awake that late - Deanne: AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLEXXX! What are you doing down there?! Me: Fucking around on the internet Deanne: But it's 3am! Me: .....yup. That's a conversation that will never take place because a) i can't make it to 3am anymore, and b) i would get my ass kicked. - I'm usually exhausted by 10pm anyway. When Deanne was out of town for a few days, I tried staying up late to get some work done, and even with the aid of copious amounts of coffee, I barely made it past midnight. (I need to get some exercise.) I think, well for me anyway, working with the internet for a living (and not enjoying my job) has kind of diminished a little of the "mystique" of it all. I work online all day, and when I come home, I don't really want to spend the rest of the day clicking around in the vain hope I MIGHT find something interesting. Coupled with the fact I'm usually exhausted by 10pm and you have a very mundane internet experience. I think maybe because using the internet feels like work, I have no desire to use it outside of work. I remember when I was about 18, Mike and I stayed up for hours reading about hacking, phreaking, networking, the internet, etc. It was fascinating, utterly fascinating. Now, if I read an article on networking, I can feel my eyes glazing over. If it's a story about hacking, it usually contains misguided media hype about how he or she is a "terrorist" or some bastard kid (or both.) When I was younger, I used to be part of the internet "community" or AN internet "community" (not sure if it's "the" or "an".) I was a member of a part of society that was moderately early adopters of the "Interweb", back when it was "oooo internet ahhhhh websites." Now my mom is a computer junkie and, well, that's just not cool anymore. I think corporations play a big part in that. Everyone and their grandmother has an internet presence (that's a fancy way of saying website.) You have all these companies out there providing "eSolutions" and "CRM blah blah." Nobody cares anymore. When I lived in Hong Kong and England, I viewed the Silicon Valley with a sense of awe. It was the place where the magic happened. I watched documentaries on startups and VCs, read Wired magazine religiously, and hungered for my chance to be involved in this burgeoning revolution. Now when I read a Wired article on a new technology or website idea, all I can think is "That's a gay idea." BTW, the awesome image was done by a guy called Dan Sandler who submitted it for the slashdot t-shirt contest. There's talk that ThinkGeek might be printing it! I'll post when it becomes available