Tech Support - Hunter/Ballon style

A colleague sent out this email to our dev team asking for advice:I am currently getting a java.lang.AbstractMethodError when trying to use scrollable ResultSets. Any information you can provide to resolve this would be appreciated. Noel and I, with our frighteningly superior intellects, felt obligated to help, so we replied- Me first: I'm pretty sure if he parses the geveltefish into the linear actuator, the compound herpes limitations will override any interference by the cranial inversion, right? then Noel chimes in: Maybe but you may have to watch the Vibal Translocitor..if that gets over 120 DEGREES, WHOA BOY!!! HA!!! LOL!!! That is humorous stuff there, you thinkin the linear actuator can be parsed!!! but I think he's wrong: Yeah but the Vaibhav Translocitor was phased out in release 2.1.s.a remember?! You can't use it anymore, you have to use Applied Funkadelic's Inbound Transmogrifier (John Denver edition) or else you'll never get past the rectal transgression phase! ...and I was right: Silly ME!!!! It must have been that Old Crow I drank at lunch!! MY bad!!! So our work here is done. Another tech problem solved.