4000?! That's Ludacris!

cribs_adventures-L-11.jpg I've started watching Cribs on MTV, not because it's a particularly good show or anything but because it inspires me. How? Because I look at all these dumbasses who can get these homes, and I think to myself "If they can do it, I can do it."Anyway, I was watching it this evening and it was a special "Cribs Adventures" show where they followed these pseudo-celebrities on vacation. I took particular interest in this episode because Ludacris went to Cape Town. They showed him doing the usual tourist things, going up Table Mountain, the beach etc. But one scene showed him stopping to buy a carved statue from one of the roadside stalls. The narrator said he "dropped 4 G's on it" HA! Four G's!! He got skanked! Ok if it was 4000 US Dollars, the man needs to be slapped to death by midgets. You can get those things for about $80. Even if it was 4000 South African Rand, that's still over $600 - he still needs to be slapped by slightly less agressive midgets. See he made a HUGE mistake, he went up the guy and pulled out a wad of American bills (like a fistful of $100 bills) and asked how much it was. Fool! When people asked me how South Africa was, I always said "the people are all smiles, but they will f*ck you over in a heartbeat." Ludacris....you got F*CKED over. Now, I could conclude the story there, but that wouldn't be fair. After that embarassing sequence, he went to one of the shanty towns in Cape Town and spent the day there talking to the kids, going to a youth center, listening to a talk on AIDS. I have to admit he showed a lot of insight and appreciation of the situation, and talked eloquently about his impressions. At the end of it, he made a sizeable donation to the center. Good on him. Anyway, looks like he made two "donations" to South African society, but I think he was only aware of one.