Best. Invention. Ever.

kittytree.jpg Mike and Mindy....THANK YOU! Ok, a little background. We went over to Mike and Mindy's on Saturday night, and their cat Nigel was showing us his new cat tree. It was a really neat structure with a "house" and various platforms. The whole thing was carpeted, giving him a great texture to scratch on. Deanne and I mentioned that we were having real problems with our cats scratching the furniture and carpet. They said that the cat tree had almost completely eliminated Nigel's scratching.Well, I had the day off today and decided that it was about time to put an end to our little scratching problem. I went down to the local PetCo which recently opened and after some brief searching, I found the right tree for our cats. It has two platforms with edges which is perfect because our cats seem to have a box fetish - they LOVE sitting in boxes. So I bring it home, and one tip Mike gave me was to douse the thing in catnip, so I did....what a reaction! All three of the cats were on it in no time, and they started freaking out like it was Christmas morning. They have yet to come down. So kudos to Mike and Mindy for an EXCELLENT tip; this one is going to save our poor couch from any more abuse.