A tale of two kitties

I think that title alone justifies the blog post. Anyway, on Saturday Mike came over and brought Nigel. Now Nigel and our black cat Mandy look quite similar...ok VERY similar. Now they have only met once before, when Nigel was a kitten and it didn't go very well. Mandy took on the role of agressor and repeatedly bopped Nigel on the head.So we were all curious to see what happened when the got together this time. Our other cats didn't even notice something was awry - they figured the black cat sitting atop the cat tree was Mandy....that was until Mandy came waltzing around the corner. There was a unanimous look of "....WTF? from all the cats. Nigel played it cool and stood his ground. Kitty...well Kitty just stared. Mandy proceeded to investigate. She climbed up onto the counter and reached up to the top platform of the cat tree. He peered over the edge and looked at Nigel as if to say "....is there something I can f**king help you with?" But that was about as heated as it got. Sure there was the occassional hissing, and the classic "goodbye" howling that Nigel and Mandy did. It was certainly an entertaining meeting.