Is that a pig flying past my window?

I'd like to relay to you, dear reader, an experience I had that I'm quite sure signals the apocalypse.Recently the power cord on my laptop began to deteriorate. The connection twixt cable and computer became increasingly unreliable. This all culminated in a dazzling display of blue sparks that lead to my deciding that yes, it's time for a new power supply. So Deanne and I saddled up the wagon and made haste towards the mecca of microchips - Fry's. Now as many of your know, Fry's has quite a reputation in these parts. Terrible service, terrible product quality, clueless staff and cavernous stores. It is common knowledge that one will not find anyone to help with one's request. You must only go to Fry's if you know exactly what you need and exactly where to find it. Armed with this knowledge, we arrived at Fry's. This is where the weirdness began. Firstly, we found a parking spot quickly and easily. This has never happened before on a weekend. In fact, Mike and I had to park on the dirt under a pylon once. Chalking that one up to good luck, we ventured inside. Within 1 minute of entering the store, not one but TWO sales staff asked us if we needed any help finding anything or if we had any questions. I immediately slapped them on the forehead and screamed "DEMON'S OUT!" - but they were not possesed...they were actually helpful. I began to shiver. We moved towards the laptop power supplies. The strangeness continued. I was able to quickly and easily find what I was looking for. It was right in front of me, in the right place, hanging on the right display. I picked it up to ensure it was real and not some sort of hologramatic projection. It was real. Ahh, I thought, here's the ruse, I'm sure it's not compatible with my laptop. But the salesmen confirmed quickly and effortlessly that it was in fact compatible. What's this? A knowledgable and helpful salesperson? I felt a tinge of panic. As I wiped the cold sweat from my brow, I had a thought. Ah ha! The price! The device I need will be so ridiculously overpriced it will render all the positives moot. Alas. No. It was reasonably priced. It was becoming clear. End game. This had only happened once before, but never in this order, and never with this consistency. And there was one final test. The checkout. We headed towards the wall of flashing lights...not a soul anywhere. Where were the lines, where were the pushing crowds, where was the opportunity to peruse the useless but somehow engaging little gadgets they have in the checkout line? They were all gone. I was at the checkout clerk before I could say "I need to return this motherboard, it doesn't work." The checkout clerk (a white male....yes...a white male) helped me quickly and easily. He did not need 9 forms of ID, he did not need the supervisor to validate my credit card, he did not need a semen sample and he did not mess up the pricing. We gathered up our newly purchased items and walked deliriously towards the exit. I had a succesful and enjoyable shopping experience at Fry's. The end of the world must be near.