Good Eatin'

With our ongoing movie mission well underway I thought it might be a good idea to start compiling another list. This new list is collection of Bay Area restaurants that I want to try. Deanne and I have not fully taken advantage of the fantastic and diverse eateries that the Bay Area has to offer. We obviously have our favorites (Sansar) and there are a couple in the city that we enjoy going to, but I thought it was time to broaden our horizons and try some new places.To be honest, I'm surprised that we haven't already. We both love trying new food and there's almost nothing we won't eat at least once. I guess it's a question of time; trekking out to the city, especially on a weekday evening, can wear on the patience quite quickly. So I figure with the compilation of this list, it will give us some motivation to explore San Francisco (and the greater Bay Area)'s culinary delights. So without further ado, here's the list of restaurants I want to try: (note: all of these places come with a personal recommendation from various peeps, even more reason to try them out.) LaFondue - recommended by Dan Sandler as his default "special occassion spot." As the name suggests, it's a fondue restaurant. Aqua - generally considered one of the best restaurants in San Francisco, as the name suggests it's primarily a seafood restaurant. French Laundry - one of the most famous restaurants in the Bay Area (it's actually in Yountville), it's classified as "New American-French" food and it's reputation is second to none. Betlenut - this place was named as one of the top new restaurants in SF when it opened in 1995, it's contemporary southeast Asian food. I think this one is top of my list. Blowfish - a sushi restaurant with a twist. When you come in, there's Japanese techno music playing and anime playing on a large screen behind the sushi chefs. Sweet. Andalu - I haven't had tapas since I was in Hong Kong and when I heard about this place it suddenly made me crave the delicious Spanish dishes. King of Thai Noodle House - apparently when Thai people come to San Francisco, this is the place they go to get real Thai homecooking. Can't beat that endorsement. Stacks - the legendary Bay Area breakfast eatery uses some fairly hi-tech ordering tools; wireless PDAs transmit your order to the kitchen. Gotta check that out. Buck's - this place is famous for the venture capital negotiations that go on at it's humble tables. The owner has had to sign an incredible amount of NDAs. Jupiter - apparently this Berkeley brewhouse is a fun place to hang out, and their pizza is incredible too. Cityscape - I just want to go here for the view. It's on top of the Hilton San Francisco and the walls are 14ft windows in almost every direction, offering an incredible view of the city. That's it for now. Should keep us busy for the next few months. If you know of any great, preferrably unusual restaurants in the Bay Area, leave me a comment and tell me about it.