Mr. and Mrs. Moviefone

Deanne and I have have embarked on a movie crusade of sorts. We've gone through the IMDB Top 250 Movies (as voted by IMDB users), and crossed off all the ones we've seen. I'd say altogether we've seen about a third of them.So last month we started renting Top 250 movies that neither of us had seen before. No point in only one of us crossing it off our list, we'll do those ones after we've watched all the movies that neither of us have seen. So far we've watched some really fantastic movies, many of which we probably wouldn't have chosen to watch had it not been for this little project. In the last few weeks we've watched: - Dr. Strangelove (Brilliant, Peter Sellers is fantastic.) - Fargo (Really enjoyable, easy to see why Frances McDormand won an oscar for it.) - Fight Club (Good story, typical David Fincher movie) - Princess Mononoke (Stunning, easy to see why this was the highest grossing movie of all time in Japan for a very long time.) - Garden State (Funny, well written and well acted.) We have Requiem for a Dream and Twelve Monkeys lined up for the next two days. I'm looking forward to discovering more movies that I might not have watched otherwise. About 20% of the list is made up of foreign films, a genre I have sorely neglected recently. It's hard to keep up with all the great movies that come out, I think this is a good way of at least trying.