Random Thoughts (or Wandom Foughts, innit)

So I've been here for a couple of weeks now and here are my random thoughts so far.- If I ever write a book about my life it's going to be called "Continental Drift" or "Dislocation" - There are no English people in London anymore. That's not a good or bad thing, just an observation. In case you're wondering, it's now filled with gorgeous (both male and female) europeans and russians. - I don't do well without my wife around. At all. I'm really glad she's here. - the Brits are a lary, loud people. They love to shout (be it agressively or positively) at you for any reason they can think of. - The weather and darkness...really not that bad. I have a feeling being in the city really helps that which is one of the reasons I want to live in the middle of things and not out in the sticks. - It's really hard to eat badly here. Yeah there's McDonalds and the BK Lounge but everywhere you look there are great restaurants and really good, clean food options that are just as fast and cheap as McDonalds and the BK Lounge. - I don't miss the things that I thought I would. I don't miss the food (although my kind mother-in-law shipped some roni and cheese over to me, which I am really looking forward to!). I don't miss the TV as much as I thought I would. In fact I have barely watched any British TV since getting here. - I think there might be more Starbucks per capita in London than in San Francisco. It certainly feels like that. Oh and they don't have Raspberry Mochas here - what the hell is up with that shit? - So far since moving here I've eaten Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Italian and Middle Eastern food. All within 500 meters of my apartment. Awesome. - Guitar Hero has reintroduced me to my love of Velvet Revolver. They're song "Slither" is featured in the current commercial that's playing in the US. - I miss my US family immensely. Especially my nieces. But as my sister-in-law Donna pointed out in her recent blog post, in this day and age, you're never really far from anywhere. - Internet connectivity is so much faster here. It's not even funny. My wireless connection in the apartment is 5x faster than my wired connection in San Leandro. I hate you AT&T. - This is a great article on being an American in London http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/book_extracts/article3136495.ece - Tea flows like water here. It's extraordinary. About 5 times a day someone comes around the office and asks if we want a "cuppa." Oh and tea tastes better here. I can bring back tea bags and make the same tea but it just tastes better here. - Apparently if you drink beer from a bottle here, that makes you gay. Well call me Liberace then. No, you have to drink beer that has grass clippings in it and tastes like the drainings from a compost pile. - Things they have here that surprised the hell out of me: Chili's, Papa John's Pizza, and Mexican food. - Things that are hard to find here: The Onion, Wired Magazine, Dental floss, garbage cans, TV shows worth watching. - Things that are not hard to find here: Starbucks, Cell phone companies, Chinese restaurants, clouds.