Oh England, you are not a land of beautiful people. I suppose stereotypes have to start somewhere and England's reputation of producing bad teeth'd trolls, I can report, is proving accurate.Now, technically being of British lineage, I feel I can say all of this with a sense of cheeky (British) self-deprecation. We/they are not an attractive people. At all. Now of course you do get the occasional exception to the rule, just like anywhere. David Beckham, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Keira Knightley, Jude Law to name but a few, are beautiful people. But for the most part we get the type of sun-fearing trolls that you'd expect in a country that sees the sun for one hour some time in August. Even the moderately attractive people, there's just something not right. You see someone from a distance and as they get closer..."Oh hey now, he/she looks pretty cute!....yeahhhoohhh....oh..oh dear....oh that's a shame." You look at them carefully and there's just something not right. Something ever so slightly off. Eyes ever so slightly too far apart or forehead just a little too big to land a helicopter on. Perhaps it's all due to comparison. As I noted in my previous post, London is full of beautiful foreigners - perhaps seeing them in contrast to the average Brit isn't helping the situation. Maybe THAT'S why they're so adamant about cracking down on immigration. I see what you're up to! But in all seriousness, one thing has struck me since I arrived here. Everywhere you look, in pubs, on the tube, on the street, the Brits are smiling a lot more. It's really nice. I don't know what they're smiling about and frankly I don't care but it sure does make them seem more attractive than their permanently pouting European neighbors. So with that, I declare Britain the winners in this little Tete